Bioluminati is a valued member of the Burning Man community.  As a result, we tend to get preferred placement because we do the following:

  1. Provide an important (and awesome!) service through the Bike Mutation station
  2. Uphold and maintain Burning Man tenants and values
  3. Consistently support the Leave No Trace tenant by leaving our camp area free of debris

We have an engaged camp environment where everyone is expected to assist in camp set up, take down, meal support and Bike Mutation Station shifts.  Please take this into consideration when joining camp and make plans to participate by signing up for the various support activities needed on playa.

To Register

  1. Enter your basic info
  2. Tell us how you are traveling to Black Rock City
  3. Tell us about your shelter so that we can add it to the urban plan
  4. Sign up for Kitchen and Bike Mutation shifts

Why is registration needed?

Bioluminati.info is all about… info.  However the AirTable is where we do the planning stuff.  Telling us how and when you’re getting to the burn helps us plan for where and how to stack cars for easier exit. Knowing when you’re arriving and leaving also helps us plan for setup and exodus. The camp doesn’t build itself. 🙂

Shelter details also help us make a camp layout with space for everyone: we can’t make the urban plan until everyone has put in their needs. Moving 10 tents so that a row of yurts can fit is No Fun.

Meal and BMS shifts is where you sign up for your 4 required shifts. You can’t sign up for anything but chef for a particular meal until that meal has a chef. Meals need a chef, and the chef decides how many other people are needed in what roles. If you see a meal with no chef, please consider stepping up. We’ll help make your meal a success. Read all about the kitchen. If you need help figuring out how much to bring, please reach out to Miz Kitty (etlowe@aol.com).

Bike shifts is outreach and facilitation for the Bike Mutation Station — the camp’s major contribution to the city, and part of the reason we keep getting great placement year after year.

OK, that’s a lot, but doing this work ahead of the burn really helps the camp run more smoothly, so please participate early and often.