You’ll have to go through four short screens – Campers, Vehicles, Shelters, and Shifts:

  • First, enter all your campers – everyone in your party
  • Then, enter your travel and shelter plans
  • Lastly, pick which shifts you want to take.
    • We ask folks to put in for four shifts. Types of shifts:
      • Bike Mutation Station. Set up and break down the BMS, help folks with their questions, and grab people off the street for decoration!
      • Chef. Plan and cook a meal for the entire camp; manage the sous-chefs and the KP. This is a big responsibility and counts double! 
      • Sous-Chef. Help the chef with cooking.
      • KP. Help the chefs and the sous-chefs by washing dishes and running supplies.
      • Midnight BBQ. Make tasty snacks for late night revelers and clean up afterwards! This is optional and does not count towards your shift count.
      • Ice Wrangler. Make sure that there’s enough ice for the camp for the day. Check coolers, drain old ice, add fresh ice, and make ice runs if necessary.
    • You can cancel shifts. Password: cancel

If your plans aren’t concrete yet, you can leave your travel/shelter/shift forms unfilled – but please fill out your camper info at the very least!  If you wind up having to change your travel dates or shelter arrangements, contact me at nick.hess@gmail.com and I’ll get things set up for you.

Also! This year, we’re putting together a wishlist of things we’d like to bring for the camp.

  • If you want to make a pledge for the wishlist.
  • If you want to add something to the wishlist.


If you are new to Bioluminati, get yourself oriented with ourĀ new camper’s guide.

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