You Can Stand the Heat!

In 1998 Bioluminati served falafel from the mouth of our 80-foot angler fish shade structure to 800 citizens of Black City– more than 5% of the total city population! Although these days we only feed ourselves we do it extremely well and food is an important value.

Group Meals and Food

We do two group meals per day:

  • Brunch – usually around 10-11 AM.
  • Dinner – at SUNSET, unless otherwise announced. The biggest meal of the day, and we plan accordingly.

More informally we frequently have pre-dinner cocktail hour and also Midnight BBQ so people can fuel up and head back out for a second round of party exploration.

As a camp, we don’t do a lunch or tea, so you are on your own. Bring snacks to eat and share!

The Kitchen

Our first kitchen structure came onto the playa in 1999, and since then the kitchen has grown and changed several times, expanding.  In its current form, the kitchen is a 20 foot by 30 foot vertical-wall tent, with two sinks, two six-eye heavy duty stove/griddles, two grills (outside), running water, pots, pans, equipment, electric service, and ample storage. It is a fully operational battle kitchen.

Kitchen rules and best practices

You’re free to use the kitchen – but then, so is everyone else in the camp, and with the number of folks we have, the following rules and guidelines are there to help keep the kitchen safe, sanitary, and pleasant.

Label your food

There is no “public” food. There is publicly available food, but every food item is someone’s responsibility. Label your food! There are labels and Sharpies freely available; if you want set out an offering to the camp, we love you, but if it doesn’t get eaten… it’s ultimately still your responsibility.

This rule helps you keep track of your stuff, and helps minimize end-of-Burn food dumping.

Check your coolers!

If you have a cooler, you’ll want to check it every day to see how things are going. Consider it a part of your daily hygiene, like brushing your teeth.  There are daily trips to get ice; if you

We recommend that you put your cooler ice in heavy-duty zipper bags to keep melting ice from soaking your food items. This keeps your cooler nice and clean and the meltwater can be safely reused, a double win.

Clean up afterwards

It’s easy, easy, easy to forget to clean up after you’ve made your tasty snack. After all, you’re hungry! Please take the time to clean up afterwards, so the next person to use the kitchen can make their snack as quickly and easily as you did.

Don’t flake on your shifts

Everyone is expected to put in 3-4 shifts in the kitchen. Don’t leave your kitchen workmates short-handed! If you swap shifts with someone, record the swap on the shift board in the kitchen.

Turn off gas at the source

When you’re done using a stove or a grill, remember to turn the gas off at the tank. This is a safety precaution and keeps tanks from draining.